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Question Title [WHR-G300N] How to Configure Port Forward
[WHR-G300N] How to Configure Port Forward
1. Open in Internet Explorer,
     login with username "root", password leaves as blank
2.  Click "Internet Games (Port Forwarding)"
3.  For example, to perform port forward for a  FTP server, 
     " Internal IP" address of FTP server is need to forward TCP ports "20-21", and UDP port not required.
    Behind  "TCP", type " 20-21", "UDP" leaves as blank
    Behind "LAN IP Address" ,   choose "Manual Configuration", type the internal IP address of FTP server
    Click "Apply" to save settings
4.  If you need to set another "port forward" rule, click "Next".
     If not, click "Finish" to complete.
5. From now on, others can access your server by using the WAN/Internet IP address.

Note: Some Internet service provider may block some ports, for example TCP 80 that is used by web server. If your broadband service blocked a specific port used by your server,  you will need to check if your server can be changed to use another port

Note: Please check the firewall and anti-virus installed on your server, improper firewall setting may block incoming connections, results your server cannot be accessed from the Internet

Note: Each port can be mapped to one internal IP address only, if you have mapped TCP 80 to, you cannot map it again to 192.168.11.yyy

Note: Buffalo WHR-G300N does not support NAT Loopback, in your local network, you cannot use the Internet IP address to access the port mapped server, please use internal IP address ( instead
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